Phil Kreveld

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    Power factor… Quality matters

    Power factor correction can lead to additional business for electrical contractors. Phil Kreveld...

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    Switchboard Components


    Understanding torque and speed control aspects of variable-speed drives is important, says Phil...

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    Switchboard Components

    kVA demand costs money

    Modern revenue metering measures harmonic kVA demand in addition to reactive demand. Phil...

  • ABB+string+inverter

    Solar & Renewables

    On the grid

    Solar panel arrays can be better distributed for maximum ‘collectible’ characteristics. Phil Kreveld...

  • Solar feed-in

    Solar & Renewables

    Shine a light on solar

    The basic principles of photovoltaic systems make useful reading for non-specialist electricians installing...

  • Solar feed-in

    Solar & Renewables

    Feed-in facts

    As ‘distributed generation’ increases, there’s work to be done on power quality by...

  • Chinese solar panels

    Solar & Renewables

    Chinese panels… they really do stack up?

    Solar panels from China are not necessarily inferior, as they often use Western...

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    Solar & Renewables

    Battery storage for solar installations

    Battery storage of solar energy is a reality, and the economics are just...

  • CIS Lg

    Solar & Renewables

    CIS/CIGS solar panels explained

    Thin film technology could turn most of a building into a solar collector....

  • HVAC

    The benefits of natural gas-powered air conditioners

    Most larger air-conditioning systems for domestic purposes are reversible in operation, thus providing...