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Introducing the GuardShield 450L safety light


GuardShield 450L

Automated production processes and robots in production lines are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s manufacturing world. As a result, business owners are looking for a way to keep a safe working environment.

The new Allen-Bradley GuardShield 450L safety light curtain system is the latest cost-effective solution from Rockwell Automation. The safety light curtain improves productivity through its transceiver technology that enables a plug-in feature which establishes each unit’s function.

When light curtain systems are developed on the traditional transmitter/receiver architecture, customers need to buy multiple light curtain models to accommodate different features,” says Rockwell Automation business manager Paul Costantin.

“Now they can purchase identical GuardShield 450L sticks and customise the features with different plug-ins.”

There is five-pin plug-ins that are available through the basic on/off functionality while eight-pin plug-ins give the user the option to do manual and auto restart with external device monitoring (EDM). If further simplification of setup is required then advanced functions can be configured through dual in-line package (DIP) switches that are found on the plug-in module.

The light curtain features an active protective field that picks up the entire length of the transceiver and offers a new security height with hand and finger detection.

The active sensing field and convenient design means users can install the GuardShield inside a machine frame rather than on a machine or outside. Flexible mounting kits and built-in alignment means installation is quick and fuss-free.

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