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Consultation commences on new draft standard for On-Site Battery Systems


Standards Australia

Standards Australia has released a draft of Electrical installations – safety of battery systems for use with power conversion equipment for public consultations.

The standard which was prepared by Australian and New Zealand stakeholders includes provision for:

  • Installation requirements for all battery systems connected to inverter energy systems, covering all battery types;
  • Mitigating hazards associated with battery energy storage systems installations; and
  • Classifying batteries based on hazards, rather than chemistry type.

The release of the draft aligns itself with the recommendations of the Roadmap for Energy Storage Standards which was released by Standards Australia in February 2017.

The draft references a number of international standards as they relate heavily to the system components. To go with the draft, there is a 9 week public comment period where all comments from the public will be considered in detail and resolved by the technical committee.

Once all these comments have been reviewed, there will be a voting process by the committee on whether or not the document will be published.

All comments must be received by 15 August 2017 and all votes can be submitted through the Public Comment portal.

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