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Tips for solar panel installers


Whether it’s a domestic job or a small apartment block, solar panel installers can always add value to their business proposition, and with around 4,500 accredited installers in Australia, it is more important than ever for them to know how they can differentiate their business offering from others.

Below are some tips from LG Electronics on how installers can achieve this.

  • Discuss with the client their needs, budgets and any other considerations to determine an appropriate solar panel system based on their requirements. Are there plans to renovate or extend the residential dwelling? When are the peak times of energy usage in the home?
  • Ensure a seamless process with extensive support pre and post-installation. For many customers, solar panels are a big investment, which makes it incredibly important to ensure the customer feels comfortable with how the project will roll out, the associated costs, timeframes and any other considerations. It’s also a good idea to communicate with clients in real-time so they are aware of even the most modest changes to the project. By building trust and creating a positive experience clients are more likely to refer family and friends.
  • Only recommend quality products that are manufactured by reputable brands and backed by comprehensive warranties. Look to highly efficient solar panels made with new technologies that can adapt to future needs, such as a growing household. There are many products on the market manufactured with old technologies and while these may offer a lower upfront cost, they are not as energy efficient.
  • By opting for quality components the installer will also receive support from the manufacturer should product issues arise. Australian consumer law stipulates that installers must provide remedies, by offering repairs, replacements or refunds, when the manufacturer is no longer available to support the product. Too often faulty solar panels have resulted in installers fulfilling customer warranty claims, leaving them with out of pocket expenses.
  • Some clients may want to install solar panels themselves to keep costs down. For safety reasons, only contractors with a building or electrical class of licence should mount solar panels on rooftops as per the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s a good idea to remind potential customers that many manufacturers often won’t honour warranties or rebates if the solar panels are installed on a DIY basis. For example, the Australian solar rebate of approximately $3,500 for a 5kW system can only be fulfilled if the system was installed by a Clean Energy Council registered designer or installer.

LG continues to invest heavily in the Australian market and recently introduced a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty for its NeON R range. A 25 year performance warranty also ensures that that after 25 years the power performance is guaranteed at least 87% relative to initial performance.

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