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Standards Australia announces adoption of ISO/IEC 14543.3 (Parts 1 – 6) as a technical specification


Standards Australia has announced it has made a decision to adopt ISO/IEC 14543.3 (Parts 1–6), Communication layers – Network based control as Australian Technical Specifications (aka KNX) following a referral to the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee.

In the referral it was noted that the proposal for adoption of ISO/IEC 14543.3 (Parts 1–6) was submitted with the required support and approved in May 2014.

Standards Australia hosted a roundtable in April 2016 for stakeholders to consider the adoption of ISO/IEC 14543.3 (Parts 1–6) in order to address concerns raised by some after first ballot, as well as a public call for submissions on the proposed adoption of the documents between April and May 2016.

There were perspectives raised in May 2016 that ISO/IEC 14543.3 (Part 1 to 6) was one of a number of alternative and mutually relevant standards for home automation so Standards Australia made a public call for submissions of project proposals for alternative standards. No project proposals were received

Standards Australia says forum outcomes were considered prior to a decision to resume work on the adoption of the ISO/IEC 14543.3 (Parts 1 to 6) with the following provisions:

  • Additional stakeholders would be invited to participate in the standards development process.
  • Standards Australia would seek that stakeholders raise concerns of a technical nature before submitting the document to committee ballot.

The documents received the required stakeholder support during the second ballot process in 2017 and no relevant technical objections had been received. Consideration was given to the ballot outcome and objections raised by some stakeholders before deciding to approve publication of the documents as Australian Technical Specifications.

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