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Solarwatt and Fronius to enter partnership


Solarwatt has announced a partnership with Fronius Solar Energy, which will include a global distribution agreement, the inclusion of partner products in the respective portfolios and joint research and development activities.

“For Fronius, the cooperation with Solarwatt is the ideal complement to the existing portfolio surrounding the hybrid inverter Fronius Symo Hybrid and enables customers to enter the home storage market – both single-phased and three-phased – using a Fronius standard inverter like the Fronius Primo or Fronius Symo,” says Fronius Solar Energy head of business Martin Hackl.

Effective immediately, Solarwatt can now offer Fronius inverters that complement both Solarwatt complete packages, the MyReserve MR500 and MR800, as well as the scalable MyReserve Matrix storage solutions. In turn, Fronius will build on Solarwatt’s storage expertise and in the future the cooperation will extend to the development of common innovative energy solutions.

“Fronius and Solarwatt have many interesting points of contact and a product portfolio that complements each other well. So far, we have mainly targeted private households but with Fronius inverters and our MyReserve Matrix, we can now also offer customised and economically efficient solutions to business enterprises requiring PV-systems in higher power classes,” says Solarwatt chief executive Detlef Neuhaus.

The partnership currently concerns Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Italy, and Australia but more countries will join as the cooperation continues.

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