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SIL rotary encoders now means safety over EtherCAT Capable


SIL rotary encoders now means safety over EtherCAT CapableLeuze Electronic has announced its safe rotary encoders CDV75M and CDH75M can now be used directly with safety-oriented EtherCAT networks. These encoders support the Functional-Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) protocol and transmit safe speed and safe position values over the Industrial-Ethernet network.

Reliability is ensured by a cross comparison of the data and the measured values are acquired by two independent scanning units. The rotary encoders are certified and can be used in safety functions where safety levels of SIL3 or PLe are mandated.

Safety is integrated directly into the rotary encoder so no further evaluation units or safety modules are required. This means a considerable reduction in wiring and configuration is accomplished.

Parameters such as difference and standstill window, as well as direction of rotation or integration time, are set directly via the safe parameterisation channels per the FSoe protocol during configuration. During standstill, the rotary encoder output value can be moved to within the measuring range by means of a safe protocol, without mechanically turning the shaft. This considerably simplifies adaptation of the mechanical system.

At the same time, position and speed can be read out via non-safe or ‘normal’ EtherCAT protocol, which means the position values are also available for quick position control outside the secure data range.

Integrated safety with TR-Electronic safety over Ethercat, enables entirely new system layouts, where operator and machine can share the same work space efficiently, reliably, and safely.

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