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PROtop power supplies go above and beyond


PROtop power supply

The PROtop series of high-end power supplies have been designed to meet demanding requirements found in the industry.

Featuring Dynamic Current Limiting (DCL) technology, the PROtop power supply can reliably trigger DC circuit breakers with a top boost reaching 600%. In addition, it can deliver peak overload reserves from milliseconds to seconds ensuring powerful motor starting with ease.

Introduced in this series is a unique, built-in O-Ring MOSFET redundancy capability which allows for true N+1 redundancy without requiring any external diode module. This reduces wiring complexity and saves precious cabinet space.

Efficiencies of up to 94.5% reduce power losses which allows for minimal heat dissipation in the cabinet and allow for a more compact design.

With a maximum operating temperature of 75°C, it can survive in some of Australia’s harshest environments.

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