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Australia’s lighting industry will be discussing the latest innovations in lighting controls in Sydney this week in a forum that will feature the country’s leading electrical contractors, lighting system designers and lighting industry opinion-leaders.

Lighting Council Australia chief executive Richard Mulcahy says that key figureheads of the industry are excited to hear about new technologies as well as new products from Gerard Lighting, one of the country’s biggest lighting companies.

Lighting controls system will be explained in detail, covering its uses within commercial buildings by making lighting control simpler to design, easier to install and faster to commission. As a result, it will achieve more in less time and reduce costs and risk.

Lighting control plays a big part in the overall lighting design within commercial buildings and with today’s technology, the ability to manage costs and establish business benefits is easier than ever before. In fact, a well-designed lighting control system can save up 60% on lighting energy costs.

Lighting Council Australia is the main governing body for Australia’s lighting industry and represents more than 100 companies who provide services to the Australian market.

The above mentioned lighting control will be talked about at a forum at Rydges Paramatta on 18 May.

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