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Evolt announce new generation of lighting control systems




Zencontrol’s new generation of lighting control systems has recently been introduced in Australia by Evolt. The collaboration between Evolt and Zencontrol relies on a Zencontrol system which makes modern building control systems simple and easy to install and use.

The Zencntrol development team realised that those in the market were not actively trying to improve anyone’s user experience of lighting control systems. The smart technology used in a Zencontrol design addresses problems installers face where set-up time is lengthy and faults are indentified too late.

Zencontrol managing director Joshua Newell says that despite the fact smart lighting controls have been around for a long time, there are a lot of installers that waste copious amounts of time working out its capabilities or simply debugging any issues that come up.

“Using smart technology, Zencontrol automates all the tasks that used to be manual. It is a ‘plus and play’ solution that easily integrates numerous building services including HVAC, AC, lights, sensors, blinds and security to name just a few,” says Joshua.

“This is critical in the highly connected environment that Australia lives and works in. Zencontrol is a cutting edge modern control system, which customers and installers have been wanting for years.”

Zencontrol provides seamless integration between devices within the same network and doesn’t require a computer, laptop or programmer to achieve a base build installation. Additionally, an out of the box set-up and automatic fault recovery means things run on its own.

Evolt group marketing manager Eduardo Yudowski says that IoT puts businesses at risk but Zencontrol has been designed to limit risks companies may encounter.

“Zencontrol is also designed to target cyber-security risk in the age of the Internet of Things. IoT is exposing companies to avoidable risks, and many businesses aren’t implementing industry standard security practices to protect their systems against cyber-attacks,” says Eduardo.

“Zencontrol sets the standard in security with the use of industry proven and backed TLS 1.2. This is not just encryption, but a complete security layer that comprises of multiple secure technologies.”

The Zencontrol design enables building owners to do the following:

  • Reduce the costs associated with energy consumption
  • Quickly and efficiently monitor and control multiple sites remotely using Cloud control
  • Manage and maintain emergency lighting in small tenancies, as well as the entire building
  • Reduce costs, increase speed and remove the risk of a single point of failure through the installation of a single controller

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