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The Dyson Cu-Beam Duo suspended light




Fluorescent lights can create a plethora of problems over the course of their life span; noise pollution, hazardous material, wasted light in all directions and reduced output over time. Without an effective cooling system, their potency drops off over time. This is where Dyson Cu-Beam technology makes a difference.

“My team and I have spent 10 years immersed in the science of powerful, long-lasting illumination. Now, we’ve developed a lighting technology that can adapt to different tasks throughout the day,” says Dyson Lighting’s Jake Dyson.

Every consumer has different needs and with the new Dyson Cu-Beam Duo suspended light, it allows the user full illumination control with a custom-built driver that splits the ratio of light.

For example, during presentations where the presenter’s screen is the focal point, more light can be directed towards this area to enhance viewing rather than having it wasted throughout the room where illumination would be irrelevant.

Ricochet technology allows the conversion of unwanted down light into up light with the use of one-touch shutters and a reflective surface. If one wishes to use up light then closing the shutters allows the recovery of unwanted down light and reflected upwards. Conversely, opening the shutters allows light to go downwards allowing down light to be maximised.

Finally, heat pipe technology means the suspended lights come with an effective cooling system. Six vacuum-sealed tubes are spaced along the wings of the suspended lights, each with a drop of water. When the light is turned on, the heat that is generated from the lights turns into vapour. The vapour moves along the wings and then turns back into water once it finds a cooler spot and this cycle continues while the lights stay on.

The Dyson Cu-Beam Duo suspended light also come in two alternative versions; the Dyson Cu-Beam downlight and the Dyson Cu-Beam up-light. For more information on these products please visit

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