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Cope releases 7D38 ladder tray


Cope laddersMaintaining the weight of cumbersome industrial cable can often be an arduous task despite it being vital in almost all situations of fitting. This is where Cope saves the day with its 7D38 profile ladder tray that allows 45kg of weight per 30cm, spanning 6m.

The new ladder tray is made of aluminium with a 7cm load depth and low profile which makes it ideal for areas that don’t give the user a lot of space to work with – significantly more relevant as more contractors try to share a small space during configurations. Due to less support and connection needed, installation time and inventory costs are drastically reduced making it absolutely ideal if the user needs to make cable runs through the tray.

In addition, Cope also manufactures 7D44 aluminium, prefabricated metal troughs that feature the user’s choice of ventilated or solid bases that are connected to the side rails. This results in no hindrance to the weight allowance of the tray and is instead distributed to the rails and includes a 10cm load depth, as opposed to the 7D38’s 7cm. As an extra supplement, Cope offers a 10cm depth hat tray model labelled the 7D4A that has welded hat rungs that allows easy access for any cables run through.

All models and additional features can hold 45kg per 30cm and span 6m.

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