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Panasonic announces new ventilation fan range


Panasonic DC Motor Ceiling Mounted Ventilation

Panasonic Australia has announced a new range of Direct Current motor ceiling mounted ventilation fans designed for installation in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Featuring whisper quiet operation and energy efficient performance, the new fans provide a quiet and comfortable environment within the home.

Most modern homes and commercial buildings are built with sealed windows and doorways in order to limit heating or cooling loss, resulting in poor indoor air quality. However, mechanical ventilation can be a critical component to the air quality of the home.

Panasonic Australia product marketing associate Jack Tey says the best ventilation system can dilute or eliminate pollutant sources and remove unwanted pollutants from a home, such as smoke, dust, heat, metals, humidity, odours and CO2, which accumulate in a poorly ventilated building.

“Panasonic’s new DC Motor Ventilation Fans offer 24-hour ventilation and intelligent technology to automatically maintain a constant air volume, making them the perfect solution for avoiding mould and damp issues within the home, removing stale air and ensuring good quality indoor air on a continuous basis. A well-designed ventilation system also saves energy, controls moisture and improves the durability of a home,” Jack says.

With the resonance-noise-absorption structure design, the fans operate at 31dB(A) @1m at 44 litres per second, creating a tranquil environment. This is achieved by minimising the transmission of noise from the blower to exterior with a double chamber structure, allowing noise to be effectively absorbed and reduced between the double orifice and casing.

The fans feature a DC Motor which operates at a lower temperature, has a longer lifetime and saves more energy than its AC motor counterparts.

Equipped with an intelligent Motion Sensor, the fans detect human activity, switching on automatically when a person enters the room and automatically switching off again after they leave.

Intelligent technology maintain constant air volume within the Fans’ operating limits to suit varying external static pressures.

Equipped with a run-on timer, the fan can be configured to either switch off or switch to 24-hour ventilation mode after 15 minutes.

The fan also has a built In backdraft damper which prevents outside air blowing back into the room when the fan is off, and meets The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements.

A slim profile and compact design of only 180mm high makes the fans suitable for tight ceiling spaces and weighing only 2.9kg makes installation easy.

The products are designed to be extremely reliable coming with a three year parts and labour warranty.

The Panasonic DC motor ceiling mounted ventilation fans FV-24JR2 (with motion sensor) and FV-24JA2 are available now through Panasonic’s distributor, Turner Engineering.

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