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NECA initiative to tackle rising energy costs


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The National Electrical and Communications Association’s (NECA) Lean and Green initiative, which launched yesterday in Cairns, is a business support program that aims to tackle rising energy costs.

Designed for small businesses, Lean and Green combines energy audits, the EcoSmart Electricians training program and low interest finance to help owners identify how to become more energy efficient and save money on energy bills.

NECA chief executive Suresh Manickam says further opportunities exist to educate business and consumers about the importance of clean energy initiatives.

“With electricity prices likely to rise, industry and consumers are keen to explore more efficient and effective ways to not only reduce their power bills, but be a part of a more sustainable future,” says Suresh.

John Dee, the host of Smart Money, a live weekly prime time program on the Sky News Money and Business Channel says “Energy efficiency is a guaranteed way to improve the profitability, resilience and value of your business. The Lean and Green initiative is a great opportunity for Cairns business owners.”

NECA Queensland executive director Mick Logan says the Lean and Green initiative differs from other energy efficiency programs because it has been industry developed, uses independent auditors and connects business owners with EcoSmart-trained electricians and low interest finance for energy efficiency investment back into the business.

“Wasted energy is lost profit, so let’s get lean and green,” says Mick.


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