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Wavecom’s new TnT ELB appliance tester




Wavecom Instruments has released a new appliance tester with battery bank technology. The unit encompasses simplicity and ease of use with a visually pleasing design.

Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, the appliance tester also comes with a conditional 24 month warranty and is lightweight and easy to hold. To complement, it has a simple menu that allows the user to access different testing options.

The TnT ELB appliance tester conducts testing of leakage currents and sensitive electronic equipment that otherwise cannot be tested using a standard insulation testing device.

The power bank technology will also allow you to conduct 3000 sets of tests before the battery requires recharging and will also give greater versatility to power your mobile phone, GPS, camera and other mobile devices accessible to the user.

For more information on this new product, and others from Wavecom Instruments, please visit their website:

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