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Tridonic announces complete package for luminaire upgrades


Tridonic has announced its LLE AC G1 modules, an economic single-component solution tailored to linear luminaires that provides a simple upgrade option for conventional T5/T8 fluorescent luminaires.

The modules feature integrated electronics, an integrated driver on board, a packet of mounting accessories and self-cooling technology. They also have a slim construction and are available in different lengths, allowing the LLE AC to be installed easily as a retrofit.

The ‘Bridge’ component makes upgrading luminaires from broader modules to the new slim design of the LLE AC easier, while plug-in terminals are used for quick and simple wiring

The range includes modules with a particularly high lumen output of up to 7,500lm for upgrading two-lamp luminaires, while LLE AC modules are available in colour temperatures of 3,000K, 4,000K and 6,500K with a CRI > 80.

The upgraded luminaires also offer improved quality of light, with a long life of 50,000 hours and reduced energy costs

System efficiency depends on the switchable operating mode – 131lm/W for High Efficiency (HE) mode or 120lm/W for High Lumen Output (HO) mode.

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