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Stratos power-flued gas room heater


With the increasing emphasis on environmental performance, the search for more efficient and effective room heating is becoming increasingly important to all parts of society.

The Stratos from Stiebel Eltron Australia (SEA) is a new energy efficient, power-flued gas room heater for the general domestic market. The heater has been designed for Class 1 buildings, which in Australia are mainly free-standing houses and townhouses.

Power-flued heaters are sealed units where air for combustion is drawn from outside. To ensure correct operation, a Stratos heater must be installed on the inside of an exterior wall to allow the flue to be passed directly through the wall.

“The cost of energy is a significant domestic outgoing and more and more families are looking to reduce energy use and install products that are more energy efficient,” SEA sales director Darren Fletcher says.

“When looking for a room heater it is worthwhile considering the energy star ratings, the size of the room that needs to be heated and, of course, the aesthetics of the unit.”

There are four sizes available in the Stratos heater range with up to a 4.6 star energy efficiency rating. The rating is determined independently, and provides an easy way to compare the efficiency of different heaters. A higher star rating provides the reassurance of more efficient operation, and an indication that running costs can be reduced.

The Stratos heaters are designed to provide consistent warmth through efficient uniform heating emitted from the base of the system. Heating from the base of the unit minimises stratification of the air and improves overall heating effect. An inbuilt humidifier tray can be used on the unit to increase comfort levels for those more sensitive to air quality.

The combustion chamber of a Stratos unit is separated from the air that heats a room and the exhaust gas is blown through the flue to the outside of the building. “Isolating the two air flows means there are no harmful fumes inside which improves the quality of the air in the room,” Darren says.

The Stratos gas room heaters achieve a 6-star indoor emissions rating as per AS4553 confirming zero indoor emissions.

The clean lines of the Stratos series incorporate functional design and a high level of efficiency. The timeless European styling complements many décors and the range has four models to suit a wide variety of room sizes. The design is very versatile with the flexibility of wall or floor mounting and optional programmable wireless climate controller. The wireless climate controller can control up to three Stratos room heaters and can be positioned up to ten metres from the heater making it ideal for larger rooms. The climate controller has a temperature sensor that overrides the manual thermostat on the heater, so the positioning of the climate controller in colder parts of the room assists in providing greater heating comfort.

In Steibel Eltron’s 90th year of operation—and its 20th year in Australia—the company continues its commitment to innovation with new products and services that offer the best solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

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