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Standards Australia discuss residential on-site battery storage


Standards Australia

Standards Australia’s chief executive Bronwyn Evans brought together senior industry and government leaders to speak about the introduction of residential on-site battery storage standards in Australia.

An agreement was reached that will see Standards Australia work with the industry and the government to help develop the adoption of the product safety standards.

The changes will result in a continued roll out of onsite battery systems, enable freedom when it comes to customer choice and meet community safety requirements.

The standards framework meets the adoption of product standards introduced by the IEC  and UL which will complement the installation standard already being put into place by the Australian standards committee.

“At the start of the meeting, I asked the question ‘Are standards needed at all?’ I was pleased that there is unquestionable support for standards, developed by the right people, in the right way,” Bronwyn says.

“There was unanimous agreement in the room of the need to both encourage the uptake of new technology and manage community safety expectations. The clear path forward set today will see us working hard and working together to get the relevant standards in place as soon as we can.”

Members of the meeting will be meeting regularly as the work progresses to ensure support and alignment remains.

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