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Solar Australia announces B-Box battery is now available in Australia


Solar Australia announces B Box battery is now available in AustraliaSolar Australia has announced the B-Box Battery Energy Storage System by BYD is now available in Australia.

The B-Box allows home owners and businesses to store and use the power their solar panels generate rather than sending this energy back to the grid for no return. It gives residents peace of mind knowing they have access to off-the-grid power in the event of catastrophic weather events or interrupted power supply.

Adam Clements of Solar Australia said the B-Box delivered a wide range of renewable power capacity to meet light to heavy electrical load usage, off-grid or on-grid and single phase or three phase application.

“The B-Box is an excellent device as it can be part of a fully sustainable energy independent enterprise or lifestyle, enabling its users to reduce reliance on electricity from fossil fuels, especially when combined with our solar power systems, while cutting energy costs,” Adam said.

Powered by BYD, the world’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer, the B-Box features the same battery technology found in London’s recently launched fleet of 51 single-decker electric buses.

Featuring a modular design for residential and commercial use, the B-Box is small and compact, and can be stacked and connected in parallel to provide more power within a smaller footprint. It delivers continuous power designed to support three-phase configuration, with an off-grid backup function to cope with blackouts. The battery’s smart inverter also means it can power household appliances that draw a larger load of up to 5kWh such as fridges, freezers and heating and cooling units.

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