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Silver Spring Networks highlights importance of open standards-based IoT platforms


Silver Spring Networks today highlighted the importance of open standards-based platforms to connect industrial IoT devices in Australia at the third International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference in Brisbane, presented by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA).

Silver Spring’s standards-based IoT platform supports a range of smart city, smart energy and other industrial IoT applications and services focused on improving system reliability, increasing energy efficiency, lowering operational costs, extending equipment life-spans, and enhancing citizen safety and quality of life.

As one of the world’s highest emitters of greenhouse gases, Silver Spring says Australia has an opportunity to renew its focus on urban innovation and sustainability initiatives by modernising costly, aging city infrastructure.

“While Australian cities are considering the positive environmental impact that IoT solutions can bring, it can be a challenge to enable seamless integration and coordination across numerous city departments and projects,” said Silver Spring Networks head of sales for Australia and New Zealand Alex Beveridge.

“Smart cities platforms are a crucial ingredient in achieving Australia’s ambitious environmental goals, and an open, standards-based infrastructure gives cities the best foundation to meet these challenges. The multi-application platform approach enables seamless integration and coordination across numerous city departments and projects, maximising community value and return on investment.”

Some cities in Australia are already taking steps towards smart city and other industrial IoT services, including the City of Ryde where Silver Spring Networks is working through its local partner Gerard to connect an outdoor lighting control system. Silver Spring technology permits each luminaire to be controlled remotely via a leading edge wireless access point (WAP).

“Leveraging open standards technology has allowed us to take a fast-tracked and collaborative approach with this project. Smart street light platforms and solutions from Silver Spring Networks will help further reduce the council’s energy consumption, and sets up Ryde and its Macquarie Park CBD to be one of the most innovative cities in Australia,” said City of Ryde manager of asset systems Anthony Ogle.

In Melbourne a joint trial between the Environment Protection Authority Victoria, CitiPower and Silver Spring Networks has seen air quality sensors placed atop street lamps on the Queen Street Bridge. Citipower is leveraging its existing Silver Spring’s IPv6 platform, used to connect smart electric meter customers, to help the EPA collect the air quality data measuring smoke, fine dust and vehicle exhaust pollutants.

“The collection of this data through our mesh radio communications network will improve not only liveability for urban dwellers but also for those living in regional Victoria. For instance, we are exploring opportunities with the EPA to deploy air quality sensors as bushfire detection devices in high bushfire risk areas,” said Citipower general manager of electricity networks Steven Neave.

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