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Siemon Improves Network Visibility, Monitoring and Management with EagleEye Connect Software



Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to
announce EagleEye Connect, an automated infrastructure management (AIM)
software solution that automatically monitors and documents physical layer
connections and device status for unparalleled network visualisation, improved
network security, better management of IT assets, reduced downtime and
increased staff productivity.

 As the central interface for Siemon’s MapIT G2 Automated Infrastructure
Management System, EagleEye Connect is a server-based software solution that
collects, monitors and stores network intelligence data from innovative MapIT
G2 Master Control Panels and Smart Patch Panels available in Category 6 UTP,
Category 6A F/UTP and UTP, and Category 7A F/STP for copper patch panels, and
in singlemode and multimode MTP-to-LC and LC-to-LC enclosures for fiber.

 EagleEye Connect software includes the following user-friendly set of
network management features:

  • Navigation tree showing hierarchical relationship of
    all network assets down to the port and device level
  • Realistic graphical views of floors with device
    locations and front and back views of racks with patch connections
  • Graphical end-to-end circuit traces from the switch
    port to the end device
  • Real-time database with auto-discovery to automatically
    maintain updated inventory
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts of unauthorized
    connection/disconnections and movement of IT equipment and devices
  • Efficient work order management for creating,
    assigning, managing and tracking work orders


“With security a top concern and downtime primarily caused by IT personnel
making errors when configuring changes, today’s IT leaders need nonstop
monitoring of all IT assets and methods to improve accuracy and productivity,”
says Tony Siemon’s director of product management Veatch. “We have designed
EagleEye Connect with enhanced security features that prevent loss of data and
help to ensure compliance with security regulations like HIPAA and Sarbanes
Oxley. That combined with the ability to speed response time and improve
accuracy of moves, adds and changes significantly reduces downtime and
operating expense. The software’s ability to document network assets in real
time also allows our customers to maximize utilization of their switch ports
and rack space for reduced capital expense.”


Included in the EagleEye Connect Software is a comprehensive reporting
function that facilitates planning for growth or changes, including inventory
and capacity reports to show available ports and rack space. Accessed remotely
from anywhere via a web browser, EagleEye Connect can monitor, manage and
protect networks across multiple facilities and sites around the world.


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