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Schneider Electric releases PowerTag


Schneider Electric releases PowerTagSchneider Electric has announced its latest energy saving product, PowerTag, which has been designed to enhance the monitoring of electrical assets.

PowerTag easily connects to miniature circuit breakers to provide building owners and facility managers with precise, powerful and real-time data that can help to increase the health of a facility’s strategic assets. The connection enables greater availability of electrical assets by providing the ability to better manage critical loads, which leads to higher reliability and efficiency of the electrical installation.

“Customers are demanding solutions that will meet the critical challenges of asset and energy management, today and beyond. PowerTag is a great option because it makes asset and energy management much simpler. The majority of circuit breakers can now be tagged, bringing electrical distribution connectivity into a new era,” says Schneider Electric Pacific zone president Gareth O’Reilly

PowerTag has been designed for any type of building that has an energy sensor that is easily able to monitor and measure currents, voltages, power, power factor and energy. It works by wirelessly sending data to a concentrator, which displays the data via inbuilt web pages, or to larger energy management systems or the building management system. Data can also be leveraged to create customised email alerts that assist facility managers with remote monitoring of their assets.

“The best thing is that PowerTag can be easily fitted as it doesn’t require complex wiring, in total it can be installed within five-minutes and then you’re up and running. PowerTag can also be integrated with Schneider Electric’s Acti-9 Communication System, which provides customers with an all-in-one monitoring and control solution,” says Gareth.

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