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Schneider Electric launches new products as part of the Clipsal Iconic range


Schneider Electric has today launched the next phase of the Clipsal Iconic range of switches, sockets and smart devices, which were first launched in October 2016.

The latest range of products include Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mechanisms, ControlLink, Night Walk, 3-gang USB charger and 4-gang slip GPO. They will provide new solutions that enhance functionality through innovative connectivity and added convenience.

The BLE mechanism delivers smart functionality with in-room configuration and on/off control via the Wiser Room App. This includes electronic switch, 24-hour timer, and 24/7 scheduling time clock. It has point-to-point pairing and configuration between smart devices and requires no routers or network hardware. All settings are stored on the BLE push button mechanism, and the time clock can automatically adjust for sunrise, sunset and daylight savings.

ControlLink provides multi-way switching and dimming capabilities with Clipsal Iconic push button electronic mechanism using standard wiring. Devices including switches, timers and time clocks can be linked for added flexibility and control. ControlLink mechanisms communicate with each other and respond depending on the type of unit and how it’s programmed so separate loads can be controlled simultaneously using the same wiring.

Night Walk is a motion activated night light with a simple plug-in skin for a Clipsal Iconic twin socket grid that delivers stylish low level lighting with configurable modes of operation.

The Iconic 3-gang USB charger with shelf delivers fast charging of tablets, smart phones and other USB devices. It features smart charging technology, a total of 4.5A across 3 USB sockets, and a maximum of 2.1A at each socket.Installation is quick and easy with in-line floating wrapper terminals and low profile all-in-one design.

The 4-gang slim GPO can fit dual twin USB chargers as well as four GPO sockets and is just as quick to install as a standard twin GPO.

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