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PowerTechED returns to the Gold Coast


Rockwell Automation will host the PowerTechED again this year on 14-15 June 2017 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. The event is touted as one of the only events that focuses on the latest technology in intelligent motor control and energy management.

This year’s event will feature many live demonstrations as well as access to specialists, insight into future product direction, industry challenges and most importantly, the opportunity to network.

Rockwell Automation commercial marketing manager Matthew Treeby says that the event will be the perfect time to give those in attendance the much needed information to help progress the industry.

“Technology is evolving to enable new applications and business opportunities including faster information, mobility and intelligent devices. PowerTechED 2017 will focus on linking motor control to a smart manufacturing initiative and demonstrating ways that technology can be leveraged to address industry challenges,” says Matthew.

PowerTechED will demonstrate a range of real world applications as well as having hands on labs and technical information seminars. It will also feature four streams that focus on: Industry Standards & Compliance; Powering a Connected Enterprises with Intelligent Motor Control; Keeping People and Assets Safe; and workshops targeting common drive applications.

Rockwell Automation power control business manager Rosanne Sabiston says that the global specialists attending is an opportunity too good to miss.

“For the first time, PowerTechED will feature roadmap sessions for products. We are flying in specialists from around the globe to conduct these roadmap sessions and they will reveal the future directions for products and how they will continue to support smart manufacturing, compliance and evolve to meet the latest global standards,” says Rosanne.

Attendees will also have access to information about future trends within the industry and critical insight on product development from the experts like Paul Nolden (global director for MCC Business) as well as Steve Yao (global product manager for PowerFlex).

The event will feature never before seen live demonstrations of brand new products as well as having a major focus on safety and how to combine it with combine it with company productivity to get the most out of a business.

Rosanne says in the past there has been a massive focus on safety and this year’s event will be no different.

“Rockwell Automation has made a significant investment in safety over the past few years in relation to tools that we can provide and resources such as TUV trained professionals to help support and guide customers through their safety journey. The means of achieving safety in motor control applications has become easier as result of advances in technologies such as safety over Ethernet in drives. PowerTechED will feature live safety demonstrations to highlight these latest safety advances,” says Rosanne.

For more information on the event or to register, please visit the Rockwell Automation website.

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