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How do you know your phone charger will fit into a wall socket when you plug it in? How about when you take that same charger to New Zealand, how can you be sure it will work in both locations?

AS/NZS 3112 Approval and test specification – plugs and socket-outlets is the brand new Standard surrounding plugs and sockets used in Australia and New Zealand that was published recently.

This standard gives the electrical industry – manufacturers, test laboratories and regulators – requirements and test methods to adhere to for plugs and socket outlets.

The major changes to the new standard include dimension requirements through in-depth diagrams, specifications for detachable plug portions, plug and socket configurations and updated test requirements for ingress protection (IP), non-detachable parts and insulation piercing terminals.

Technical committee EL-004 chair Dennis Galvin says that the changes will help a lot of manufacturers in the long run.

“The changes to AS/NZS 3112 will significantly benefit manufacturers during design and production but also test laboratories, regulators and certifiers when assessing compliance to the standard,” says Dennis.

Standards Australia chief executive Dr Bronwyn Evans says that the publication is extremely important and that a regular review of standards should be a top priority.

“In the absence of an international standard for plugs and sockets, it is important that national standards bodies regularly review their stands to accommodate technological change and the effects of globalisation,” says Bronwyn.

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