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NSW city Ryde out the benefits of LED technology


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NSW’s city of Ryde has taken on smart control LED technology in an attempt to improve the city’s lighting efficiency and to reduce its CO2 emissions.

The city has opted to move away from outdated technologies as the smart control LED technology includes a plethora of benefits which include cost, efficiency and reducing a carbon footprint.

All old lamps will be fitted with the new smart technology while all existing LED installations will be adjusted to also include it. Asset Systems Manager Anthony Ogle will be appearing at the 5th Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit 2017 to talk about the successes the new roll out has had and the potential it will have in the future.

The retrofit project has also branched out to other parts of the country. Lighting replacement is taking place in regional Northern Tasmania across six councils where 9,000 street lights will be revamped in partnership with Ironbark Sustainability.

The upcoming Australian Smart Light Summit will be hosting Ironbark Sustainability’s managing director Paul Brown where he will describe the progress of the retrofits along with the positive outcomes they’ve had.

Western Australia has also joined the movement with help from the State and Federal Government as its council buildings, recreation areas and other local government properties has also been fitted with the new technology. WA Local Government Association (WALGA) environment policy adviser Laura Simes will be discussing the LED technology at the Summit and its impact on WA.

Australian Astronomical Observatory head of lighting Fred Watson will be presenting about energy efficient lighting and how outdoor lighting can reduce energy waste if designed correctly.

The 5th Australian Smart Lighting Summit will be held in Melbourne at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 13 and of September.

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