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NHP launches power factor controllers for achieving power factor correctness


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NHP has released the RL8 and RG8 power factor controllers for the automatic switching of capacitor banks to achieve target power factor.

With an intuitive easy to use interface, the new series offers plug and play accessory modules providing flexibility to meet any application requirement with options from master-slave configurations to contactor or dynamic switching of capacitor banks.

Features provided as standard include IP65 front protection, network measurement values including harmonic measurement, step status information and defined alarms. Communication modules are available as plug and play for RS485 or Ethernet MODBUS connectivity for both RL8 and RG8 controllers.

Standard RL8 controller Features:

  • 8 relay outputs expandable to 14 steps
  • Voltage and current THD up to 15th harmonic
  • 2x expandable slot
  • Built-in temperature sensor

Advanced RG8 controller Features:

  • 8 relay outputs expandable to 16 steps
  • Voltage and current THD up to 31st harmonic
  • 8x configurable user alarms
  • 4x expandable slots
  • Dynamic switching via thyristor control module (NPFCEXP1001)
  • Advanced programmable I/O functions
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Master/slave functionality

The RL8 controller will soon feature as a standard on PFCW, PFCE and PFCP Power Factor Correction systems. To help achieve your power factor correction needs.

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