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NHP announces partnership with Delta


NHP partner with Delta

NHP has announced an exclusive partnership with Delta to bring its range of electric vehicle chargers to the Australian market.

Effective immediately, the partnership will see NHP gain sole distributorship of the Delta electric vehicle charger range in Australia.

“We’re delighted to take on the distributorship of the Delta range of electric vehicle chargers. After identifying a need in the market for quality electric vehicle charger that was accessible, we wanted to ensure we were able to provide a solution and partnering with Delta enables us to do that – we’re excited by what the future holds,” says NHP product development manager of integration and technology Ross De Rango.

The Delta range of AC electric vehicle chargers from NHP are compact and offer adjustable maximum current up to 32A at 230V for charging at approximately 7kW. Ideal for a range of applications including residential, commercial, fleet and parking, NHP are fully stocked locally and has begun receiving orders.

Other EV charging products available on order include Delta Wallbox EV chargers (25kW DC), Delta Quick EV Chargers (50kW DC), and Delta Ultra-Fast EV chargers (up to 120kW DC).

“As the world’s largest power electronics company, at Delta we’re committed to offering innovative, clean and energy efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. Our wide range of electric vehicle (EV) chargers are a leading example of our commitment to a sustainable future and being at the forefront of the evolutionary shift to electric vehicles for personal transportation,” says Delta Australian director Allen Chao.

“Through partnering with NHP, a leader in automation and power distribution systems, we can combine a full EV charger solution to develop and expand the much needed EV infrastructure required for this emerging technology in the Australian market.”

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