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Lyon Solar helps South Australia become global epicentre for large scale battery storage deployment


Lyon Solar today welcomed global attention on the role that large-scale battery-based energy storage can play in meeting Australia’s urgent energy needs.

Lyon Solar has been working closely with state governments for months and is on track to have multiple large-scale battery storage systems operational in South Australia this year, delivering reliable, scalable, flexible power in time for summer peak demand needs.

The company has been working with US-based AES Energy Storage to develop 200-250MW of large-scale battery storage in South Australia, using AES Energy Storage’s market-leading technology.

“South Australia is the global epicentre for the imminent take-off of large-scale battery-based energy storage, which can solve power challenges like SA’s in months, not years. Large-scale battery storage is such a compelling proposition for South Australia’s situation that multiple companies are sure to join the market, but Lyon is the only company close to being ready to build and be operational before next summer. We’ve been working with governments, utilities and regulators to navigate the country’s energy landscape and get proven clean, reliable solutions in place here,” said Lyon Solar partner David Green.

AES Energy Storage has provided nearly 4 million megawatt-hours of delivered service and just delivered the world’s largest battery storage system in six months.

The company currently has senior executives in Australia and together with Lyon they are meeting state government officials, utilities, and the grid operator to help chart a path forward in addressing Australia’s energy challenges.

“AES has installed the first grid-scale energy storage system in ten different markets, and we are excited to share what we’ve learned to help accelerate the adoption of energy storage in Australia,” said AES energy storage global sales director Ismario Gonzalez.

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