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Leuze Electronic introduces new Qlight panel mounted multi-functional speaker


Leuze Electronic introduces new Qlight panel mounted multi-functional speakerLeuze Electronic has announced the release of the QMPS series from Qlight, which is a panel mounted multi-functional speaker that can prevent cross talk of different voice environments by selecting an audio signal fit for the specific environmental conditions.

The QMPS panel mounted speaker offers both binary and bit input mode options with 30 pre-recorded sounds. The binary input mode has 30 built-in messages that can be played with switch for sound selection, while the bit (binary digits) input mode is organised into six groups of five sound tones for a total of 30 sound tone options.

The QMPS is a multi-functional product that can use an SD-card for MP3 playback, allowing the user to select and change the sound message after recording it. The maximum sound volume is 98dB at 1m, with the volume adjustment and sound selection switches located inside the unit.

The housing of the QMPS is made from ABS plastic, which is strong and durable even at low temperatures, and offers good resistance to heat and chemicals.

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