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Leuze electronic demonstrates power in safety at work


Leuze has expanded its product range in the area of safety at work. In doing this, it offers safe solutions for all applications in machine and construction while giving customers a wide range of safety sensors and safety components for a wide range of machine types.

More than 20 components have been launched in the area of safe relays and safe controls and has further proved that they are a competent partner for efficient safety at work.

Many smaller safety tasks can be solved with the use of new safety relays such as the E-STOP or safety switches all the way to the integration of optoelectronic sensors or standstill monitoring of motors. The relays are also extremely compact needing only 22.5mm of room to be fully functional.

The new safe controls of the MSI 400 product range round out the new offerings giving both 24 inputs and outputs along with integrated industrial Ethernet protocol all compacted into a 45mm design.

The safety controls are suitable for safe monitoring of simple safety functions as well as more complex safety duties as well as being able to expand up to 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs.

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