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Legrand announces Vortex LED Highbay


Legrand announces Vortex LED HighbayLegrand has announced the Vortex LED Highbay, which has been designed to replace conventional metal halide lights in factories and warehouses. It provides an ideal solution for companies looking to reduce lighting energy use and improve the quality and reliability of their warehouse or factory lighting.

Each luminaire uses just 180W per fitting, compared with 440W per fitting for a traditional metal highbay light, which means the Vortex LED Highbay uses 58% less power than conventional highbay lights for a similar lumen output.

The Vortex LED Highbay also lasts longer than metal halides, with a useful life of 50,000 hours. This leads to a reduction in lamp maintenance costs, minimises disruption to the building and simplifies planned re-lamping schedules.

Legrand Vortex LED Highbays are far less likely to fail prematurely or catastrophically compared to metal halides have been designed as a ‘one-for-one’ replacement of metal halide luminaires to simplify installation and enable existing wiring infrastructures to be retained.

Legrand’s Vortex LED Highbay is registered on the NSW IPART scheme for those projects that wish to reap the rewards of upgrading their lighting from traditional Metal Halide lighting to LED.

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