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Introducing Lumex LoadSmart Solo Dimmer


The Lumex LoadSmart series features the LoadSmart Gen2, along with two alternatives that are suitable for any application.

The LoadSmart Solo goes a step further, with the inclusion of push on/push off switching that removes the need for a control switch and gives a simpler, cleaner look. It also enables the ability to fit up to six dimmers in a switch plate.

As part of the latest product developments, the LoadSmart Solo minimum setting control has been made more easily accessible and now sits just under the knob.

The LoadSmart Solo can be customised to adjust the light edge and minimum illumination, and to include a Restrike on/off switch or LED indicator, making it ideal for general applications up to 450W.

It is also fully recyclable, Australian approved and comes with a seven year warranty.

LoadSmart Solo’s technical specifications include:

  • Power requirements: 220-270V, 50Hz or 450W
  • Minimum load: 1W
  • Dimming operation: Auto select load suitability or manual trailing edge
  • Environmental: -20-65°C, <85% Humidity
  • Derating: Not generally required
  • Over-temperature protection: Manual reset Turn Off and On after one minute
  • Network compatibility: Immune to ripple frequency interference
  • Compatible loads: Dimmable LED, Incandescent, and Dimmable Electronic transformer
  • Non-compatible loads: Non-dimmable LED, Small motor loads

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