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Gerard Lighting launches the Crompton Hornet slimline LED floodlight


Gerard Lighting launches the Crompton Hornet slimline LED floodlightGerard Lighting has launched the new Crompton Hornet, which is a low profile LED floodlight with a slimline body that can hide unobtrusively when mounted under eaves.

Featuring an adjustable head that can swivel 300° horizontal and 200° vertical, the Hornet has complete flexibility that allows the user to direct light anywhere. A separate mounting base also allows for retrofitting onto existing floodlight mounting points.

“Designed in Australia, this unique innovation is unlike any other floodlight on the market today. It is the smallest, most adaptable slimline LED floodlight designed specifically for the residential market,” says Gerard Lighting general manager Ben Mills.

“Traditional floodlighting has typically been bulky and industrial in appearance. In contrast, the newly released compact, slimline design of the Crompton Hornet provides home owners and landscapers with a stylish aesthetic for their external lighting. There’s no compromise on precision and efficiency and it offers the performance of larger units with the added flexibility to direct the light precisely where needed.”

Compared to traditional floodlights, the Hornet produces high lumen output from lower power consumed, providing cost savings that make it ideal for lighting outdoor entertaining areas, BBQ areas and access areas.

“Part of our consumer facing brand, Crompton, the Hornet LED floodlight, is an innovation we are proud of and hope will set the bar for superior residential outdoor floodlighting,” says Ben.

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