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Fitness for work amendments made to Building Code 2013


necaRecent amendments to the Building Code 2013, with the intent to improve construction site work health and safety, have now commenced following last month’s Senate approval.

The new fitness for work amendments to the code requires head contractors on 150 federally funded construction projects under the Building Code 2013 to maintain a code compliant drug and alcohol policy that stipulates how drugs and alcohol are to be monitored in the workplace.

The changes ensure that the management of drugs and alcohol in the workplace are kept at the forefront and a zero tolerance policy for certain drugs and alcohol.

The CEO of the National Electrical and Communications Association Suresh Manickam said that “safety is critical to building and construction activities to ensure that contractors and their employees are not put at unnecessary risk.”

“The health and safety of electrical contractors, electricians and members of the general public should never be compromised.”

Fair Work Building and Construction is responsible for monitoring compliance of the new legislation, including a three stage role for the auditing of Drug and Alcohol testing requirements.

A facts sheet about the new amendments to the Building Code for Drug and Alcohol testing can be found here.

Further information about the changes is available through NECA’s State chapters or by calling the FWBC hotline on 1800 003 338.

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