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Essential Services Commission announces double pay rate for Victorian solar owners


The Essential Services Commission announced that from 1 July, Victoria’s solar feed-in tariff will more than double from 5c/kWh to 11.3c/kWh.

The announcement was made in recognition of the many benefits of renewable energy to the grid and is the result of a rise in wholesale power prices. It also takes the various benefits of solar into account including broader network benefits and the amount of carbon pollution that solar avoids.

This is the highest standard feed-in tariff rate on offer around the country, and will benefit more than 300,000 Victorian households with solar on their roof.

Community Power Agency’s Nicky Ison said the new tariff price could lead to an increase in the number of community energy projects springing up around the state.

The Commission was asked to consider the human health benefits of renewables but in its decision said there was a lack of data available and could not do so.

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