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ENZIDE completes redesign and development of plugs and connectors


ENZIDE completes redesign and development of plugs and connectorsENZIDE, which is distributed in Australia by Rushmore Distributors, has completed a redesign and development of its plugs and connectors, resulting in full compliance with the joint New Zealand and Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 3112.

Specially designed for heavy industrial and commercial applications and the home workshop, ENZIDE plugs and connectors are made from a specially formulated rubber compound that provides safety insulation. The units are rewireable, enabling retrofitting to existing tools, and feature a cord clamp that adapts to various cord diameters to provide safe strong anchorage.

The cured hard rubber compound withstands more heat than thermo plastics, while the sealing gland minimises moisture access. The units are also highly resistant to crushing.

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