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Eaton to showcase its latest range of power solutions



Eaton has announced its participation at the 2017 International Communications Energy Conference (Intelec).

Eaton’s power quality range includes an offering of power management solutions that solve issues for the telecommunication industry and this year will see its solution experts talk about effective management of DC power and energy.

“Eaton is driving a paradigm shift across the industry through its comprehensive energy solutions, offering Telcos the ability to address energy needs and operating costs with an innovative power solution,” says Eaton Power Quality Australia and New Zealand general manager John Atherton.

“We recognise the challenges that are unique to different customers and offer DC power solutions to suit every energy application, from telecommunications, data centre to enterprise IT. Backed by years of power system energy and software design excellence, we guarantee our customers reliability, efficiency and smarter energy solutions.”

The first paper titled DC Energy Metering for Managing Telecom Network Power Usage will be presented by Darren Salter – telecom solutions manager at Eaton. It outlines why technology is a vital tool when trying to overcome critical operational issues while making sure data accuracy and security are upheld for billing and reporting purposes.

“Telecom operators need to be able to measure energy consumption in real-time but often DC power and energy consumption are overlooked.  At Intelec, we will address the difficulty of providing power to sensors located throughout an exchange building and the solutions used to overcome these challenges,” says Darren.

The second paper titled Electronic Distributions in Small Telecom DC Systems to Simplify Deployment and Reduce Total Cost of Ownership will be presented by Richard Moore who is the telecom segment leader and product manager at Eaton. He will concentrate on the importance of deploying electronic distributions in place of traditional miniature circuit breakers which help simplify networks, reduce costs and increase the speed of deployment.

“2018 will signal the beginning of the design, deployment and implementation of new fifth generation (5G) wireless networks, along with considerable ongoing investment in fixed fibre networks. These deployments are critical to fuel the needs of our connected economies, but present operators with a considerable challenge to achieve cost-effective rollouts. Eaton will demonstrate how systems with electronic distributions can save operators time and money during deployment, and achieve ongoing savings in use,” says Richard.

Eaton’s range of DC services include design, installation, remote monitoring, on-site services, training and warranty. At Intelec, Eaton will also reveal the DU-X electronic distribution – eFuse – which will be available in December.

The DU-X combines electronic load and battery protection together with system control and communications which provides a compact package within small DC power systems.

eFuse-based load protection offers benefits like rapid late point definition of protection outputs, reduced lead-times, energy metering, and remote reset preventing costly truck rolls.

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