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Clipsal’s DALIcontrol 30-mech solutions


DALI Group 1 finalThe DALIcontrol 30-mechanism range provides an out-of-the-box control solution (DALIcontrol NATIVE) without the need for programming.

The range allows electrical contractors to install complex control solutions, such as multi-way switching and dimming, into small to medium sized commercial applications. Other control options, including occupancy detection, light level detection, daylight harvesting and grouping of lighting zones, are also possible with the technology.

The smart DALIcontrol hardware, which uses the 30-mech platform, is suitable for use with a range of Clipsal plate ranges including Saturn. Simple to design and install, it’s a cost effective system that can be configured to suit exact control requirements, while assisting to achieve compliance with BCA Section J regulations. Being a scalable solution, identical hardware can be used to build on integration within a building, starting from a single room, building up to an entire floor or a whole building.

DALIcontrol NATIVE Solution

The Clipsal DALIcontrol NATIVE Solution is an out-of–the box lighting control solution, installed by an electrical contractor, without the need to program devices. By means of the DALI broadcast command, all DALI lighting products connected within the DALI line are controlled by the input devices, such as the Master Mech and the PIR motion sensor. This solution allows hassle-free, push-button, multi-way dimming and switching and PIR motion detection, which makes this solution ideal for small commercial applications such as the lighting control of a single boardroom. Compliance with BCA Section J in large open-plan areas can be achieved efficiently and at a reduced cost with a DALIcontrol Native solution.

DALIcontrol SIMPLE Solution

The Clipsal DALIcontrol SIMPLE Solution requires configuration of the DALI line by means of the SIMPLE WIZARD software. The software allows configuration of multi-way dimming and switching within independent lighting zones, daylight harvesting to meet requirements of BCA Section J6, and changes to specific DALIcontrol default parameters. DALIcontrol 30-mech slave mechanisms can be used in conjunction with each master-mechanism as a cost-effective solution allowing different functions like rotary and push-button dimming. A DALIcontrol SIMPLE solution is perfect for applications such as lighting control for a single floor within a building.

DALIcontrol ADVANCED Solution

The Clipsal DALIcontrol ADVANCED allows full integration of a building’s lighting control into a BMS, implemented by a systems integrator. Advanced lighting control functionality can be achieved using identical hardware that is used in NATIVE and SIMPLE installation, making it a very flexible and scalable solution to meet different building requirements over time.

DALIcontrol 30-mech solutions include the following elements:

  • Master Switch

DALIcontrol 30 Series Master Mechanisms can be connected to a DALI line (up to 20) allowing multi-way push-button switching and dimming out of the box in DALIcontrol NATIVE installations. In SIMPLE and ADVANCED installations the configuration can be changed to allow additional functionality such as action, toggle, memory-dimmer and bell press.

  • PIR Motion Detection

The PIR Motion sensor with 5 metre sensing range can be installed in a wall-plate or in a ceiling-mount housing, providing a smart solution for motion detection integrated into a DALIcontrol network.

  • Light Level Detector

The light level detector can be used in DALIcontrol SIMPLE and DALIcontrol ADVANCED installations, allowing daylight harvesting according to BCA requirements, Section J6.


  • Ceiling Mount

The DALIcontrol Ceiling Mount has a clean, unobtrusive design and is perfect for installing light-level and occupancy detector mechs.


  • Slave Inputs

DALIcontrol 30 Series Slave mechanisms are compatible with DALIcontrol 30 Series Master Switches to provide additional control of lighting loads, such as two-way switching, dimming, on/off control, up/down control and delay timing.



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