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Climate Council urge country to change outlook


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The Finkel review is right around the corner and to complement, the Climate Council has released its top 10 facts when it comes to electricity in Australia. The majority of the list looks at the impact fossil fuels is having on the Australian climate and how renewable energy can be the solution to its negative outcomes.

The report from the Climate Council starts with an assertive statement regarding the fact that renewable energy is cheaper than traditional energy forms like coal. Statistically, solar energy costs as little as $AUD78/MWh (megawatt an hour) while coal with CCS technology costs as much as $AUD353 /MWh.

Understandably the report also outlines reasons why the energy sector in Australia needs to change its outlook on renewable energy. Most notably the States that use the most fossil fuels have also had its electricity prices increase the most.

Climate councillor Greg Bourne is firm in his stance about climate change, saying that Australia must change its mentality and approach to renewable energy in order to make any really change.

“Australia must fundamentally transform its energy system and we need to do it now. We must invest in renewable energy and rapidly reduce our use of fossil fuels,” Greg says.

“Recommendations arising from the Finkel Review must remove the roadblocks that prevent Australia’s transition to zero emissions before 2050. We will not meet our Paris commitment without resolving the policy uncertainty around climate and energy policy in this country.”

A standout point in the report makes note of the fact that renewable energy can provide secure electricity 24/7 and can help stabilise the grid while still creating smarter and cutting edge power generation.

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