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AXIOM makes emergency lighting testing easier


IMAGE_1Emergency lighting plays a pivotal role in the safety of all installations and it is a legal requirement to have entirely functional emergency lighting that is tested every six months. AS2293 outlines all product requirement and testing procedures for emergency lighting.

Testing of medium to large lighting installations can often be a tedious and unnecessarily complex task to carry out and this is where Legrand’s AXIOM system excels. Being a system that is designed and manufactured in Australia, the AXIOM system is made to suit Australian and New Zealand Standards for testing and building compliance, which makes testing easy and straightforward.

AXIOM is a wireless emergency lighting testing system that allows remote and automated monitoring to take place making the entire testing process efficient. The moment the system is connected to the internet, access via computer, tablet or other smart devices becomes immediate and allows testing to be conducted anytime and anywhere.

As a result of the simplistic and automated testing process, the AXIOM system removes manual testing which significantly reduces the need for ongoing testing and limits maintenance costs for emergency lighting.

Medium to large business projects – such as universities, shopping centres and office buildings – are perfect to operate under the reliable testing framework that AXIOM offers.

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