Phil Kreveld

Phil Kreveld

Phil Kreveld is an electrical engineer with broad experience in electrical and electronic instrumentation, including relay testing power and power quality analysis.

  • EC2-17 Pg38

    Solar & Renewables

    A dog’s breakfast

    Solar inverters are now covered by a revised Standard that may contradict a...

  • 54

    Industrial Electrics

    Leading the charge

    Battery testing and charging for substations and electric traction can be challenging. Phil...

  • 39g


    LED by efficiency

    There is much to be gained from using DC rather than AC as...

  • 48


    Vegetables head towards the light

    Growing vegetables out of season, isolated from the weather and with no need...

  • 34

    Industrial Electrics

    Saving grace

    Dealing with power quality problems in small and medium installations can be a...

  • 39

    Switchboard Components

    Don’t rush in

    The tripping of high-efficiency motors on start-up needs a bit more than a...

  • iStock_51627928_XLARGE


    Power quality analysis: Installation harmony

    Power quality analysis should be conducted for any planned installation. Phil Kreveld explains...

  • 38-2


    Pardon the interruption

    Technical aspects of the uninterruptible power supply will be of interest to electrical...

  • 52


    Power factor… Quality matters

    Power factor correction can lead to additional business for electrical contractors. Phil Kreveld...

  • 50

    Switchboard Components


    Understanding torque and speed control aspects of variable-speed drives is important, says Phil...