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Australia’s first fully integrated residential solar energy storage system unveiled at All-Energy


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Battery manufacturer, Aquion Energy in conjunction with energy storage systems and Fusion Power Systems have unveiled the Titan SmartStorage product at the All-Energy conference in Melbourne yesterday.

Fusion’s Titan SmartStorage is Australia’s first fully integrated, safe, and easy-to-install residential solar energy storage system and is now available to order.

The system combines clean and cost-effective Aquion Energy Aspen saltwater batteries with an Australian-made, purpose-built inverter and charge controller, designed and built to withstand Australian conditions.

Titan SmartStorage provides energy storage that outperforms traditional battery systems and is ideal for off-grid applications, solar self-consumption and storing solar energy for nighttime use. The systems are modular and scalable for maximum flexibility. Fusion energy storage systems are free of toxic chemicals, 100% recyclable, noncombustible and completely fire-safe.

“We’re excited to see our batteries incorporated into an off-the-shelf storage solution for energy storage customers in Australia,” said Aquion Energy chief commercial officer Tim Poor.

“Solar self-consumption is a perfect application for our batteries and the Titan product makes it easy for installers to deploy a fully integrated system to end users, both for new solar installations and as a retrofit for existing systems. Australian homeowners who install Titan can sleep well at night knowing the Aquion batteries used in Titan are the safest and most environmentally friendly batteries in the world.”

“We are extremely proud of the release of the Titan SmartStorage product line, powered by Aquion’s saltwater-based batteries,” said Fusion Power Systems chief operation officer Nathaniel Allen.

“Aquion has played an important role in the world’s second largest residential storage project and more recently replaced lead-gel battery technology at Lady Island Resort off the coast of Queensland. Our choice was clear for the Titan product line — these systems are powered by the safest battery in the world. They provide long discharge cycles and are designed specifically to meet the needs of the Australian market.”

Built on Aquion’s unique environmentally friendly saltwater-based Aqueous Hybrid Ion chemistry, Aspen batteries are clean, sustainable and long-lasting. The batteries are designed for daily deep cycling, can operate at high ambient temperatures and do not degrade from partial state of charge cycling, making them ideal for residential solar applications. Aspen batteries are the first and only batteries in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified, an esteemed quality mark for products made from sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

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