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Amendments to the Electrical Safety Act 2002


There have been two important amendments to the Electrical Safety ACT 2002 that affect Queensland licence holders. These amendments target unsafe electrical work and practices, and are in addition to existing penalties and disciplinary actions available under the Act.

Under section 64C of the Act, the Electrical Licensing Committee may now direct an electrical work licence holder to undertake a competency reassessment where there are reasonable grounds to believe the licence holder may not be competent.

Under section 121AA of the Act, a person’s electrical work licence may be immediately suspended if the regulator forms a reasonable belief that:

  • the person may be responsible for electrical work that has caused a death or grievous bodily harm or;
  • has otherwise carried out electrical work that poses an imminent serious risk to the health or safety of any person.

In these circumstances, the regulator will then refer the person to the Electrical Licensing Committee for a disciplinary hearing.

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