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AirCheck G2 brings in new features



Netscout Systems has announced new features to the AirCheck G2, which allows WiFi professionals to better pinpoint problems that occur on wireless networks.

The new version of AirCheck G2 addresses the issue in WiFi network testing and how to determine actual network performance.

The AirCheck G2 allows professionals to determine how different impairments can potentially impact the end-user experience through a quick process that verifies throughput and performance. Through the use of Test Accessory that is easy to deploy, performance endpoint and network performance hindrances can be easily identified, pinpointing to the WiFi access, the LAN or even wide area connections.

“Validating the throughput on a wireless network is critical to maintaining top performance,” says Netscout vice president and general manager of Handheld Network Test Solutions Stefan Pracht.

“These latest improvements to AirCheck G2 deliver even higher accuracy performance testing than predecessor versions.”

“The latest AirCheck G2 release, without question rounds out the AirCheck G2, making it the most effective multiple purpose Wi-Fi handheld analyser on the market today,” says Houston Methodist Hospital wireless architect George Stefanick.

“The most recent v2 additions, iPerf with the new Test Accessory and the ability to identify interferers, have allowed my team to be more effective troubleshooters. We no longer need to carry other devices for these tasks.”

AirCheck G2 and its latest features allows IT responders to accurately verify throughput and performance of the 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac network, resulting in improved troubleshooting.

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