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ABB release MNS-Up innovation



ABB has introduced a new compact uninterruptible power distribution solution that is set to support mission critical power applications. The ABB Ability Mission Critical Power Control System is mean to save up to 10% capital in electrical infrastructure and requires 30% less space compared to traditional architectures.

The innovation is specifically made for data centres and mission-critical facilities that require no downtime like international stock exchanges. Managing director of ABB’s Electrification Solutions sector, Ralf Heinemeyer says MNS-Up is perfect for customers who want to run their businesses smoothly.

“ABB is committed to helping customers run their operation more reliably and efficiently. By integrating proven UPS and switchgear technologies into a single, compact system, MNS-Up saves space, time and money. For a simple 500 kW system, the space saving can be up 20 percent increasing to 30 percent for systems of 2 MW or more,” he says.

“MNS-Up is an all-in-one solution which is fully integrated, modular and scalable and for the first time we are showing how ABB Ability can support our critical power customers to protect their business thanks to greater visibility of performance and through advanced services.”

MNS-Up allows switchgear and UPS modules to be exchanged efficiently and without disconnecting power while responsible energy consumption is guaranteed through incremental additions. As the design expands to 100 kW, companies pay as they go and it can be installed in whatever space is available.

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