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ABB launches new TRIO string inverter




ABB has launched the latest addition to the TRIO family, the TRIO-TM, which is a three-phase string solution with power ratings up to 60Kw.

TRIO-TM has been designed with flexibility in mind and is suitable for both commercial and utility applications on rooftop and ground-mounted installations. It comes with separate and configurable AC and DC compartments that can remain separately wired from the inverter module inside the system.

TRIO-TM also has a complete wiring box configuration that includes up to 16 DC inputs, AC and DC switches and monitored II AC and DC surge arresters.

“At ABB we are committed to developing innovative products which fulfil the needs of our broad customer base. We appreciate that efficiency and financial return are key objectives for both the commercial and utility sectors and are confident that the launch of the TRIO-TM, which provides the advantages of a string inverter combined with the power of a centralised unit, will offer a high performance and cost efficient solution for any large PV installation,” says ABB head of solar business Giovanni Frassineti.

TRIO-TM’s forced air cooling system is designed for simple and fast installation, with the option of either horizontal or vertical mounting brackets. This enables the best use of space beneath or behind the solar modules, while efficient commissioning is guaranteed with an embedded web user interface through any WLAN device.

Once in use, the double stage conversion topology offers the advantage of a wide input voltage range for maximum flexibility of the system design and a Sunspec compliant Modbus protocol enables easy integration with third party monitoring and control systems.

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