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Primed for action on HVAC&R



After some considerable work pulling everything together, the first project falling under the PRIME initiative has been approved.

PRIME is designed to be a whole-of-industry pathway to a low-emissions future.

The project in question is a National Construction Code (NCC) whole-of-building commissioning proposal. The aim is to develop an industry-agreed proposal for change (PFC) to provide an industry-endorsed commissioning process into the NCC Volume One.

“Commissioning is such an important component of helping to make the built environment more energy efficient,” says AIRAH chief executive Tony Gleeson.

“Unfortunately, despite being critical to the efficient operation of HVAC&R equipment  and therefore of buildings and the built environment itself it is often neglected, done shoddily, or completely ignored.

“Introducing a minimum standardised approach to commissioning into the NCC will ensure this is far less likely to occur.”

AIRAH is providing the resources to run this PRIME project. A small PRIME working group of technical experts from AIRAH, AMCA, CIBSE and NEBB has been formed and there is close dialogue with the Australian Building Codes Board and individual state and territory building administrations.

“While there is significant support for a commissioning process specification from the construction industry and property sector, there are a number of administrative issues and regulatory challenges that need to be worked through,” says AIRAH technical manager Vince Aherne.

“That’s why the whole-of-industry approach that PRIME can offer is so critical to this project”.

PRIME is the HVAC&R industry’s blueprint for a successful transition to a low-emissions future through Professionalism, Regulation, Information, Measurement and Emission abatement. PRIME was re-energised earlier this year following AIRAH board approval to fund a PRIME secretariat.

“The PRIME bus has left the depot,” says AIRAH executive manager of external relations and technical services Phil Wilkinson.

“We have a workable coalition of industry stakeholders, a model to work under, our first PRIME project approved, a second one submitted for review and three or four others in the pipeline. Hold on for the ride.”

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